It’s my birthday!

happy birthday

Today is my birthday

I am *whispers* 35

I still feel like I’m in my 20’s though

We always said that if we weren’t pregnant by the time I was 35 we wouldn’t try for another baby.  It’s funny that by the end of the month we will have our wonderful family of 4!

Being 38 weeks pregnant limits the ways I can celebrate my birthday in a way.  Mainly because I’m now on major waddle mode & obviously can’t have alcohol

Normally we try to go away for a few days but this year it’s about relaxing & being comfortable

My brother is down for the week & Mr M is taking the day off work & we are taking Mini M out of nursery for the day

We are going to go for a lovely lunch, I’m thinking maybe Booths for an afternoon tea, or there’s a really nice cafe nearby which does lovely food

I’ve also got lots of trips to the hospital this week so my day is starting with a steroid injection, what a way to start your birthday!

I look forward to spending the day with my boys


How do you celebrate your birthday?

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