I’m Thinking Slimmer – again

Those of you who read my blog regularly know I started Thinking Slimmer 3 months ago

I was doing really well


Then life got in the way

We moved house

I started my new job

My dad found out his operation date to have his prostate removed

I stopped listening to my Slimpod

At first I didn’t notice any difference, probably due to being so busy!

However my bad eating habits have returned and I feel bloated and sluggish

I’ve put the weight and inches that I lost back on

Last night I started listening again

I am determined this time to stick to the Slimpod and I’ve even thought about my schedules


I’ve got a motivation pod which I’m going to listen to every Sunday night to start my week off well

The night before a run I am going to listen to my fitness pod as well as my Slimpod so I’m raring to go the following day, I run first thing in the morning so I feel this is better than listening before I run

I need to lose my baby weight and I know Thinking Slimmer works, not only through my experience but also through others sharing there’s on the website and Facebook group

thinking slimmer

Wish me luck!

How do you lose weight? Is there one way you’ve found works for you?

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