I’m dreading the teenage years

I feel like we have a teenager at the moment

I didn’t realise turning 5 was like turning into a teenager

He is shouting a lot and the way he speaks to us sometimes has a not nice tone

I know school is tiring, his behaviour is definitely worse after school. There is whinging over small things and temper tantrums

I wish he would sleep in on the mornings, he gets up around 5am, this doesn’t help his mood

He has started saying he hates us and hates his brother. He says that he is going to leave the house, he never does

He also tries to blackmail us, if we ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do he says “I won’t do X until you give me chocolate/sweets/kindle”. That doesn’t get him very far!

He used to be so good at meal times but now they are a fiasco, he takes FOREVER to eat and keeps saying he needs a wee or asking silly questions – like how to spell NO.

He has recently said he feels he gets shouted at too much, this has really got to me. I don’t want him to think we are horrible. He just doesn’t listen. I’m better at managing him than Mr M, he does lose his temper quicker than I do & we have spoken about this.

I do explain something to Mini M and explain why his behaviour isn’t good, I will ask him why he thinks mummy is upset with him & he can tell me. I shout when I have constantly said the same thing and he just isn’t listening.

I find the whole thing so frustrating, our good boy is changing and not always in a nice way

I’m absolutely dreading the teenage years!

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Keep telling yourself it is just a phase. My girls went through it after they had started school. Tiredness is a horrible thing. Sending hugs!
    The teen years aren’t all bad. They can be lovely at times. lol x

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