Gummee Glove – review

There are so many different teething items out there it’s hard to know which will work

Baby M has been teething for a month or so, although I don’t expect to see an actual tooth any day yet

I don’t want to keep giving him calpol & teething gels don’t work. We’ve tried crystals, gels & liquid, the liquid is the only thing that seems to help a bit

I’d rather he had something he can put in his mouth when he needs to

When we were approached by Gummee their products sounded ideal

We were sent the Gummee Glove Plus which is for little ones older than 6 months

gummee glove plus

As soon as I put the Glove on Baby M he started chewing it & had it in his mouth

gummee glove

We had it for over a week now & it’s one of his favourites, it’s at the table with us at meals, is on the sofa or play mat during the day & goes out with us when we go anywhere

Baby M will wear it as a Glove but he also loves just picking it up & chewing it. I think he can manoeuvre it around much easier this way

gummee glove in highchair

He absolutely loves it & so do we, I’d definitely recommend it for your little one! It comes with a laundry bag too which is very handy for washing, especially as it gets dropped on the floor a lot in our house

The Gummee Glove Plus costs £16.99 check out their website for more products

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review free of charge however all views are my own

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