Graduation from nursery

On Friday Mini M graduated from nursery

He started nursery when he was 9 months old as I went back to work

He absolutely loves nursery

He has learnt so much, they’ve had a massive impact on his development

He’s such a clever boy & they’ve helped challenge him to better his knowledge

He’s made some great friends, it’s a shame none of his nursery friends are going to the same school but he’s a very sociable little boy so I know he’ll make friends quickly

There are a few friends we’re going to keep in touch with & have already made plans with

He adores his key worker & I know she will be the person he misses most when he leaves

He’s definitely ready for school though.

He is apprehensive but I think that’s normal

The graduation ceremony was lovely

They sang you are my sunshine then each child was given their certificate

Then they sang 2 little words which is a song saying by the thank you to their teachers

At the end there was some tea & cakes (juice & haribo for the little people) and we had a chat with some of the parents & staff

Baby M will also be leaving this nursery at the end of the month. We’re staying with the same company just moving him to a nursery which is closer to Mini M’s school so we will be saying good bye to all the outstanding staff. There will be tears!

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