Gousto – Review

I love cooking but to be honest I don’t always have the time I want to dedicate to collecting the items needed then cooking them

When I was asked if I wanted to review Gousto I had to give it a try.  At least this cuts out the part of having to go to the shop & buy everything.  Plus with baby brain I would very likely come away missing an essential ingredient

When you log into the Gousto website you are given a choice of menus, there are quite a few to choose from so you are likely to find something you like

We chose the Hoisin Meatballs & Chinese Sesame Rice and the Bacon & Courgette One Pot Pasta

Depending on the package that you pick determines how many recipes you can choose

You can pick the day that you want your box delivered, I went for a Friday as I’m always off

The box arrived & everything was nice & cool thanks to ice packs

First we decided to have the Bacon & Courgette One Pot Pasta

gousto one pot pasta

All the ingredients & recipe card

According to the recipe card it would take 20 minutes to cook

To be honest that was probably quite accurate, it took quite a bit longer to prep everything.  The recipe card is very clear on what you have to do, I prepared everything prior to cooking so that I wasn’t rushing & worrying about time

Gousto one pot pasta

Our Bacon & Courgette One Pot Pasta

It was delicious! The portion size was very good & we both felt full

The following day we tried the Hoisin Meatballs & Chinese Sesame Rice.  The recipe card said it would take 30 minutes to cook

Gousto hoisin meatballs

All the ingredients for the Hoisin Meatballs & Chinese Sesame Rice

To be honest I found this recipe much more of a faff, probably because not everything was in the same pan like the previous recipe

Gousto meatballs

The finished product

It was really tasty but we did feel there wasn’t enough rice (maybe we are just greedy!).  The flavours were amazing though

The one pot pasta was our favourite & I would try to make it again myself

I would recommend Gousto.  I think it is a great way of expanding your cooking repertoire & trying new things.  It’s not something I would do every week as I think the price would add up, but I do think it’s something we might so every few months as a treat.

The great thing about Gousto is that you can keep your account & start up boxes when you like

At the moment they are giving you 50% off your first box so it’s definitely worth giving it a try whilst there’s an offer on




Disclaimer:  I was given the opportunity to try Gousto for free however there was no request that I complete a review on my blog

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