FuelBaby Bottle – Review

When Mini M was a baby going out during feeds was always a bit of a nightmare

It took me quite a while to build my confidence up to go out when I knew he’d need feeding

Part of that reason was the palava around mixing the feed up, etc

It isn’t easy! It doesn’t help when some places you go aren’t particularly baby friendly

Welcome to the FuelBaby Bottle

The FuelBaby Bottle is a system where you can prepare at home, mix on the go & feed anywhere

fuelbaby bottle

I love the bright packaging

The bottle is BPA free & it has an anti-colic system which helps reduce the amount of air baby swallows


FuelBaby bottle

Whether you’re on the go or just want to be ready for a middle-of-the-night feeding, FuelBaby allows you to prep your child’s formula in advance, saving time and the hassle of measuring out formula when it isn’t convenient.

fuelbaby bottle

The FuelBaby bottle is easy to use

You put your formula in the bottom compartment & then seal it with the circular disc.  When you’re ready add the water to your bottle then press the bottom.  This will release the circular disc & allow the formula & water to mix.  The disc then acts as a mixer to make sure everything is mixed in well

Then you’re good to go

FuelBaby bottle

From FuelBaby website


The bottle retails at £15.44, yes that is expensive but if you are out & about a lot then it would definitely be worth the money

The bottle is dishwasher safe which means it’s really easy to clean

Check out the FuelBaby Bottle Website for yourself

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