FourFit Healthband – review

When I got rid of my dad’s iphone I sold my Apple Watch as I didn’t feel there was any point keeping it without an iphone

I did miss keeping track of my steps

When I saw Fourfit, a brand of health bands I had to check them out

Your FourFit tracks every part of your day– sleep, steps, calories and distance covered, allowing you to keep a close eye on how small steps can add up to huge milestones. Your FourFit tracks your health including heart rate & blood pressure, it will remind you to be active when you’ve been sat a little too long and never miss a moment in life with text and call notifications.

They also have the brand new FourFit mini for kids with heart rate as standard. Keep track of your children’s activity levels and easily set them step or sleep targets, meaning there’s a Fourfit for all the family

The Fitband 2.0 – all the same features as our FourFit Mini, just bigger in size.

The Fourfit range is the only range to offer heart rate tracking as standard in every tracker.

I was sent the Fourfit Healthband

I had to charge my healthband using the USB provided, oce charged the battery can last for 5 days

Next you need to download the “Wearfit” app, this allows you to check back on sleep, steps, heart rate, calories, BP, etc as these are automatically recorded by the healthband

The only thing you have to do manually is record a run but going to the run section of the app

The healthband is easy to use, you just press the little black button at the bottom to check your readings, keep pressing it to scroll through each one

The strap is really easy to fasten with a popper like fastening

When your BP or heart rate goes higher than usual it will vibrate & show you the reading

You can also set it up so you get calls & text messages onto the healthband from your phone

I knew my sleep wasn’t great but it wasn’t until I saw the readings on my healthband that I realised how bad it was

The healthband is also waterproof in cold water, so you can still wear it when you go swimming

It is great for the gym too, I can check both my steps & my heart rate

The Healthband costs £49, Fourfit 2.0 is currently £29 & the Mini Fourfit is £39

To me this is excellent value for money, especially with other similar products being at least £100

I would definitely recommend the Fourfit Healthband

Disclaimer: I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review however all views are my own

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