First time at a Fair

We’ve had a fair visiting recently. To be honest I wasn’t that please about it for a number of reasons I won’t bore you with but Mini M was really excited

It was his first time at the fair

They had quite a few rides for his age, which we found a pleasant surprise

He’s always loved bouncy castles so love the face they had a big bouncy castle as well as a tall bouncy slide

Daddy loves planes so he went on the plane ride. He loved pressing the big red button to make it go up & down

There were some Rollercoaster type rides too

There was a train that went around a flat track which he enjoyed

He loved the blue caterpillar. There was a green one for older children which went quite fast but the blue one was a bit slower. Plus it had Olaf from frozen who put foam on the carriages which Mini M found hilarious

I’m always a bit worried about the safety of fairs but Mini M really enjoyed the little rides he went on

We had tokens too so each ride only cost ¬£1 which wasn’t too bad

I’m a grumpy Mummy way I hope the fair isn’t at the same place next year but Mini M had a great time

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