First day at school

Yesterday was Mini M’s first day at school

I have to admit I was expecting to be an emotional wreck

He said he was really excited about going and has been asking what will happen

He didn’t start until 10.45 and I expected lots of “when do we go to school” but I played lots of music & we were silly so that took his mind of it

At 10am I said to him it was time to get dressed

He looked so smart

We walked to school & he was clearly excited

When we got there he did go a little shy & looked a bit unsure

I collected him at finishing time & he first said to me that he didn’t have a coat & everyone else had a coat. It was warm & sunny!

Then on the way home he had a slight meltdown because he didn’t have a toy surprise.

Once we got home and he calmed down he told me that he’d played with dinosaurs & animals plus what he had for lunch

He did say that nobody played with him which did tug on the heart strings but they’re starting in dribs & drabs so I’m sure it’ll be better once everyone is there

He’s looking forward to going back so that’s a good thing

Hopefully he will keep enjoying going

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! How smart does he look in his uniform! That is a shame that nobody played with him but like you said that will change when everyone is there. I hope he settles in well x

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