Fighting the fear

Since I injured my back on Good Friday, I’ve been talking about getting back to exercise

However I haven’t

Mainly I’ve been fearful of hurting myself again

The pain was so bad

However I’m putting on weight & feel my mood is rubbish so I needed to get back

My physio said it was ok just not to over do it

So on Monday I went back to the gym

I was worried but I just took my time

I also did leg weights less than I usually do

I did a 45 minute workout

I felt great afterwards. I was a little achy but no pain

So I am going back tonight

I need to get into a routine. Once km at the gym I’m fine it’s just the getting there, but I’m hoping if I have a programme it’ll give me the motivation to get there

All our TV shows have now finished as well so I’ve no excuse to sit in front of the tv

I’m glad I’ve fought the fear

Now to lose weight & get my fitness back!

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