February 2018 bucket list

Wow January felt like it DRAGGED

It’s been a busy month for us in some ways, there’s change ahead for both Mr M & myself

So we say Hello February with excitement

How did I get on with my January list?

▪ I’m back to work this month, I will be making sure I have that work/life balance. January is going to be a bit of an odd month as it’ll be about getting back into a routine, etc – ONGOING! I DIDN’T GO BACK TO WORK, IN FACT I HANDED IN MY NOTICE & I HAVE A NEW JOB WHICH I START THIS MONTH

▪ We will be moving Baby M into his own room & cotbed this month, hopefully it’ll go well – SUCCESS!!! BABY M WENT INTO HIS ROOM & HES TAKEN TO IT WELL, HE STILL WAKES UP BUT HE SLEEPS IN HIS COT

▪ I want to find a swimming class for Mini M, he’s finished Water Babies and wants to keep swimming – ONGOING! I FOUND SOME BUT MONEY HAS BEEN A BIT TIGHT SO HOPEFULLY WE WILL SIGN UP THIS MONTH

▪ December was a crazy month with Mini M’s birthday & Christmas so this month will be more chilled & gathering ourselves back up – DONE

▪ Making use of our Zoo membership – Mini M loves the zoo – DONE, WE HAVE BEEN TWICE


So what do we want to achieve this month

  • Mr M & I are both starting new jobs this month. I was sad to leave my previous job but my new one is much more family friendly, plus it’ll be a new challenge
  • Baby M is starting nursery, hopefully he will really enjoy it
  • Sign up Mini M to swimming
  • Celebrate Mr M’s birthday

It’s going to be an interesting month of change

What do you want to achieve this month?

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