Enjoying the hot weather

I love the hot weather

I have to say it’s not so much fun when you’re at work though!

I’m sure I was a lizard in a past life, I could laze in the sun for hours

I must admit I put loads of sun cream on the boys but often forget about myself, bad mummy!!

We have a great garden for enjoying the sunshine, it gets the sun all day

We do have to use an umbrella to create shade for Baby M

We have lots of fun outside toys for them

I do want to work on the garden a bit more & maybe attach a blackboard to the side of the garage

I also find the nice weather makes me want to drink more, not just water but alcoholic beverages

My favourite at the moment is Gin.

I love pink gin but am always looking for new gin to try. I like a bit of fruit added in

Baby M will NOT wear his hat!

It’s a constant battle

I worry about him burning his head, in the recent heat I’ve been piling on the sun cream in his hair. I know he looks like a ghost but I’d rather that than he burns.

He loves being outside in the garden, we do have to take him in to give him a rest from the sun

Luckily both boys can drink for Britain so we make sure they’ve fluids on hand whenever they want them

Mini M loves his bike & scooter

His favourite outdoor toy at the moment is the bouncy castle we got from Aldi

It was a bargain & we have had lots of use out of it

I know it might sound tight but when it’s been so hot I would prefer to stay in the garden, that way we can come & go inside or out as we please & we don’t have to worry about Baby M getting too hot or too exposed to the sun as we can create our own shade

I hope this weather continues for a bit longer but on the days out we have planned it would be nice if the temperature was a little lower for the boys

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  1. Joy - Pinkoddy says:

    I think coming and going in the garden is a great idea – and yes I have drunk lots more cider in the sun. I think we are going to look into getting a gazebo. Its me that cannot risk not having sun tan lotion on and the boys often have to warn me to top up as I am starting to burn.

  2. Fiona Cambouropoulos says:

    You can’t beat garden play in this weather and it looks as though you have invested in some great garden toys to keep the kids busy. I’m with you all the way on Pink Gin, the trouble is with older teens in our house, who are also keen on it, a bottle doesn’t last too long! Looks like we will hold onto our gin and sun and play weather for another week 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. Kim Carberry says:

    It looks like you have been having a fab time in the garden….I have been hiding indoors as much as I can. I can’t cope with the heat. I do like a glass of wine in an evening when it’s starting to cool down. hehehe

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