Doing a skydive

So……. I’ve decided next year I’m doing a skydive

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I mean years, but never got round to it

My brother & I were going to do one this year but decided to do a half marathon instead, which didn’t work out so great for me as I got my injury

Although I’m working hard with physio & it is just my ligaments which will heal & I’ll be able to run again I don’t want to keep letting charities down if I get injured, it’s a horrible feeling

So my brother & I have decided we’re going to jump for charity next year

He got a lot of sponsorship for his half marathon so doesn’t want to barrage people with more requests for money

It’s just deciding which charity to jump for

We’re torn between Prostate Cancer UK & Alzheimer’s Society.

Prostate Cancer UK as our dad has had prostate cancer, he had his prostate removed & the cancer hasn’t spread but he’s been left with problems relating to the surgery which means he’ll need more surgery.

Alzheimer’s Society is because our Gran has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Her mother before her was also diagnosed with the disease.

We want to pick a charity that means something to us. We just don’t know which.

I’m quite excited about the thought of the jump, I’ve always been a lover of Rollercoasters & thrill rides plus I did an indoor one which was so much fun but obviously not the real thing

Have you ever done a skydive?

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