Diabetes Awareness Week 2018

Mr M was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 6 years ago when he was 30

It was a total shock

Many people think Type 1 diabetes is something you’re diagnosed with as a child. Actually 40% of diagnoses are made in those over the age of 30

I don’t think there’s enough awareness about diabetes. I don’t think people understand what it means or how serious it is

People think you get Type 2 diabetes because you’re overweight. Lifestyle can have an impact but it’s because your body becomes resistant to insulin. People also seem to think it’s not as serious, but if your blood sugars go to high or too low the impact on the body is the same as someone who has Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes means you can’t produce insulin, that’s why you have to inject yourself.

I remember when Mr M was diagnosed, he was asked if he was better or when he could stop insulin. Unless a cure is found he will have to inject himself 4 times a day for the rest of his life. It’s not like a course of antibiotics. Plus if he doesn’t give himself insulin he could die

I always feel that people think I’m being dramatic when I say that. If only!!! If his blood sugars go too high or too low he could fall into a coma & never wake up

There’s also the impact on the rest of his body, he has to go for regular checks. If his diabetes isn’t controlled well it can impact on his blood vessels which also means his sight can be effected & his limbs. People have lost limbs due to poorly controlled diabetes

It’s a daily battle.

It’s not something you can have a break from or stop thinking about.

But he also won’t let it control him. Yes there are days where he gets pissed off with it all but he wants to live his life to the fullest

This week is Diabetes Awareness Week

Check out Diabetes UK & Diabetes.co.uk and find out more about Diabetes

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  1. The Cheshire wife says:

    I never knew you could get diabetes type 1 as an adult. This is a really informative post

  2. Ellen Doherty says:

    Hello Mummy Melton,
    Thank you for your description of Diabetes and your excellent infographic.
    I would like to use it to help explain Diabetes to people who don’t understand that it is not someone’s ‘own fault’ when their diabetes is unmanageable and Type 1 cannot be ‘cured’ by eating a low-carb diet.
    With best wishes,

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