Crate Creatures Surprise – review

Mini M loves all surprise toys

Our house has a variety of various surprise toys & he also watches those very annoying videos on Youtube

When we were asked if we’d like to try Crate Creatures I knew he would love them

Crate Creatures are 4 different monsters

There’s Sizzle (who is like a dragon), Blizz (who is like a Yeti), Pudge (who likes pizza) & Snort Hog

We were sent Snort Hog





The creature comes locked up in his own crate

Snort Hog has his tongue sticking out with a sign saying “do not pull the tongue” so of course that’s the first thing Mini M did

You get a special tool to help you to open the crate

Once you open your crate your creature pops up

Snort Hog comes with a corn dog you can feed him

If you press the button on his tummy & speak he will repeat back what you say in his ‘monster’ voice

He laughs if you throw him around & gets angry when you pull his tongue

He also has gooey snot that come out of his nose

As you can probably tell from the description this is a little boys idea of a great toy

Mini M loves playing with him, he’s a definite hit

Each creature comes with 45+ unique creature sounds

Each creature costs £39.99 and you can buy them from Smyths Toys

Which one do you think your little one would like?



Disclaimer: I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review however all views are my own

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