Christmas Markets with Aviva

It’s that time of year where the Christmas Markets appear

I would absolutely love to go to Germany for their Christmas markets, Mr M lived in Germany for a few years and said they are amazing

We live about an hour away from Manchester, we haven’t been to the Christmas markets there for a few years.  My mum said she would have the boys for the night so we decided to make a proper trip of it

We decided to take the car.  The trains have been absolutely awful where we live so we didn’t want to risk getting delayed or even worse cancelled.

We love our car, it’s a great family car with lots of space.  If we did go to a Christmas market in Europe that isn’t too far from UK like France or Germany I might be tempted to take the car, I have lots of friends who have done it and recommend it.  They make it a mini break. If we did take the boys I would make sure we knew where there were places to stop and take games for the journey.  The internet is great for researching whats around a certain area

We left our house just after 9am, we let all the workers get to work so the roads were a little less busy.  As usual the approach to The Trafford Centre was crazy busy but we went off the motorway before there

We arrived in Manchester and first went Ice Skating.  I haven’t been ice skating since I was about 14 and Mr M has never done it (he’s lead a sheltered life) so it was going to likely be a hilarious experience!

Mr M was really good, he soon left me behind whooshing off.  I was a bit wobbly at the star but gained my confidence and let go of the side!  Because we went first thing there was only us and another couple on the ice, which was nice

Next we went to a few of the stalls.  Mr M had been really keen to try the Yorkshire Pudding wraps so we got one of those.  They were super tasty and well worth the hype.

The thing I love about Manchester Christmas Market is the fact it is like a trail, you start by the Arndale and follow the route to Albert Square.

There are so many different things on sale, things you wouldn’t see any other time of the year as well as local businesses selling the products.  I love the local produce stalls like cheese and meats but unfortunately with staying over we didn’t have anywhere to store them

We ended up in Albert Square where they have a huge light up Santa, as well as food stalls & bars.  We had a festive drink or 2 in the Windmill Bar

We spent 6 hours walking around the market and shops

We then had a lovely meal out and a child free evening

The next morning we went to get some breakfast and left at 10am, again allowing everyone to get to work.  The drive back was much less busy than the drive in

Whether you are going to a UK Christmas market or one in Europe Aviva has car insurance to cover you on your travels.  It’s also important to make sure you have European breakdown cover incase the worst should happen.  Aviva covers all your motor needs


Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post which is sponsored by Aviva

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