Christmas Decorations are up

We put our Christmas decorations up on Sunday

We wanted to celebrate Mini M’s birthday before we put them up

We were quite excited about putting up the decorations this year as we’d bought quite a few new ones.  Mini M fell asleep half way through!!! Typical

I carried on regardless



I’ve always wanted lights in the window but to be honest I was a little disappointed with these from Wilkos.  They are supposed to be a curtain, please tell me who has a window that small!!!  I love our Santa Stop here sign in the window though



Our living room & dining room run into each other as that part of the house is open plan.  I put these black and silver garlands on both sides of the dining room.  I think they go well this with the red of the feature wall



I saw this during our recent trip to the garden centre and couldn’t resist.  It’s a gorgeous wreath and nicely sits on the archway between the living room and dining room



Last year my folks got Mini M a “Baby’s First Christmas” bauble, this year they got him this lovely penguin



Looking very festive.  I had the stocking handmade from the lovely Absolutely Crafted



Most importantly the tree.  Every year our star is wonky!  I don’t really follow a theme, which is probably a good job as Mini M keeps going for the baubles




I’m really pleased with this year, we will definitely get more decorations next year

When do you put your decorations up?




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