Christmas Crafts

Mini M is not a particularly crafty child.  He isn’t very arty

Last year we got him a gingerbread house but he didn’t like the taste so this year I thought I would get a foam one.  He was very excited to make it

The house didn’t really want to stay in the base which he found frustrating but he seemed to enjoy it on the whole

There were some fiddly bits but he did really well and his house looks great.  It is also something that we can keep and use as a decoration each year.  

My mum had bought him some vanilla snowmen to decorate, we thought this might be a better option than gingerbread after the fail last year.

The icing was really tricky to get out of the tube, you had to really squeeze, plus it wasn’t anywhere near as white or thick as on he box.  In the end I asked him where he wanted the icing and then he stuck on the balls.  Daddy made one too

Maybe as he gets older he will take more of an interest in things like this but we had fun doing our crafts & it was nice to do something as a family when the weather was awful 

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