Cancer sucks

In March this year our friend was feeling sick

He was feeling nauseated all the time & sometimes being sick

He went to the GP, he was given some medication but nothing changed so they sent him for tests

He was told he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer

He could have chemotherapy, it wouldn’t cure it but it might slow things down a bit. Without the chemo he was given 2-3 months

He decided to try the chemo. He only had 2 sessions as he ended up in hospital twice with pneumonia

He lost 5 stones in weight

He lost his voice

But he wouldn’t give up

Then he had a scan & was told the chemo wasn’t working

2 & half weeks later he passed away. Just over 3 months after his diagnosis

Life is short

You never know what is around the corner

Enjoy life

Spend time with people you love & love you back

Don’t waste time on those who don’t

Enjoy the here & now

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