Booking our first family holiday abroad

We are so excited to be going abroad this year

We are going to Tunisia, neither myself or Mr M have been before

We had quite a few holidays abroad before the boys came along, our most exciting being our safari trip to Kenya & Tanzania (which we would love to take the boys on in the future). Obviously now our prioritise have changed

We needed to think about what was important to us now

We have always gone All Inclusive, for us that is even more important now. The boys could eat us out of house & home so at least with All Inclusive if they want a drink they can have it, if they want an ice cream they can have it, we don’t have to count pennies

We wanted a room where we were together but not on top of each other. The family room we have chosen has 2 bedrooms, instead of a living area which can be turned into a bedroom. This will allow us to relax in the evening without disturbing the boys but also give us some space

There is a kids club which hopefully Mini M will want to try, although Baby M will be too young

There are various pools, including a children’s pool. Mr M & Mini M are very excited about the water park & going on all the slides

The hotel is right on the beach so we will also be able to play on the sand & in the sea

We are going for 10 days, we felt that 7 days wasn’t long enough but a fortnight might be too long. We chose Tunisia for the flight length, it isn’t too long for the boys. Mini M says he is excited about going on a plane. We’ve booked meals & we’ve got the trusted kindle fire should it be required

We had a friend who has a travel agency look into holidays but none he selected felt right for us so we did our own research & found a great holiday for a brilliant price

We can’t wait!

Are you off anywhere exciting this year?

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