Bonding with baby

With Mini M I don’t feel in those first few months I bonded very well with him

Partly that was due to my section & also I think because of the trauma of his birth

I was also worried something bad was going to happen to him

The bond I have with him now he is older is much much better.  There are times where he still prefers his daddy but part of that, I think, is because daddy is soft & he knows he can get away with more when he goes to daddy

As I was due a section with Baby M I had worried about the impact that would have on my bonding with him.  I didn’t want it to be the same as with Mini M

As you know things didn’t go to plan & I had a vaginal birth.  Whilst it was still a little traumatic I feel that I have been able to do so much more & because of this feel I am able to build that bond with Baby M

mummy & baby

I feel different with him too, maybe part of that is experience & the fact I know what to expect a little bit more this time round

I do still worry & have woken up quite a few times in the night to check he’s ok & breathing,etc but I don’t feel I am constantly in that state of anxiety that I was with Mini M.  I think my worries are just part of being a mum

mummy & boys

So proud of my boys

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