Birthdays as a parent

Next month is my birthday

I’ve always been big on birthdays, during my time at university until I was about 25 I had a fancy dress party with a different theme each year

I never work on my birthday, personally I think you should have your birthday off work

However since I’ve become a parent my birthdays have been less extravagant 

It’s been more about doing something as a family rather than presents & making a big deal

This year will be different again

I will be 38 weeks pregnant this year

My family have already started asking me what I’d like for my birthday, honestly my biggest wish is that bump doesn’t arrive that day!

Not for me but for him, I want his birthday to be as special & unique as he is, I don’t want him to have to share that day with me

I was going to tell family that I’d like gifts for me, things where I can have some time out as me. But realistically with a newborn & a toddler for the foreseeable few months I don’t know how much I’d get to use such gifts

There’s also the money side of things, I’d rather Mr M save his money for my being off work & all our friends & family will be buying bump things for his arrival, do I want them spending money that could go on him on me? Not really

So I’m still not entirely sure what I’d like but as long as I’m with my boys I’m happy
What do you do to celebrate your birthday?

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