Birth Announcement Etiquette

As the big day gets closer I’m thinking not only about announcing the birth but also the fact that I don’t want others to share anything on social media

There are very few people who know the date for our section, there’s a reason for that – I can’t trust everyone

My worry was the more people who know the more likely someone will put it on social media

Obviously we will let our close family & friends know when he has arrived but we won’t be putting it on social media until we are ready.  I worry again that someone will put something on

I put a request on my Facebook page asking others not to reveal any information & to allow us to break the news when we are ready

birth announcement

Everything now is on social media & I just hope all our friends & family respect our wishes & allow us to break the news when we are ready

I’ve also been thinking about how we are going to announce the birth.  We have some lovely milestone cards so we are going to use one of those to put in the crib with bump & we’ve got a few different outfits in the hospital bag

We think we’ve FINALLY decided on a name but we have’t told anyone (mainly because I keep swithering!), so that will be a surprise for everyone too.

Now all we need is for him to arrive!!


How did you announce your little ones arrival?  Did anyone announce it before you got chance?

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    It seems really unfair that people jump in and share the news before you..It’s not their news to share. A couple of years ago my fella’s niece shared the news about her brother’s baby being born before anyone knew! There was a lot a arguments over it.
    14 & 9 years ago when my girls were born I don’t think I even used social media. It was all done by phone calls and texts. I feel ancient. lol x

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