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My brother & I decided this year were going to run a half marathon to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society as our Gran was diagnosed a few years ago

We’re running the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Liverpool in May

I haven’t been for a run in about a year & a half 😳

I’ve been putting off going for a run a little bit as I was worried how I’d react – what if I got out for a run & was in pain or worse completely out of puff

However with May approaching fast (the years seem to be flying by) I knew I had to get out there

So on Sunday I went for my run.

I bought new running shoes 2 years ago as my others were a little well worn, but I hadn’t actually worn them

They’re pink & bright – I love them

I did my warm up & off I went

The first 2km were a bit hellish until I found my rhythm – I felt totally out of breath & was starting to wonder what the hell was I thinking!

After I hit the 2km mark though I’d found my rhythm & the running felt easier. I decided I was going to run 5km

I ran 5.34km in 37.59 mins

Not too bad for my first run in ages!

I’ve decided I’m going to do 5km for the next month then start to increase my distance. I’m going to try & do 3 runs a week if possible

I feel much better now I’ve been for that first run

If you’d like to sponsor us & help us raise money for Alzheimer’s Society you can do so at our sponsorship page

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