BABY Secrets – Weekend Fun – Review

BABY Secrets is the new collectable toy from MGA Entertainment.

BABY Secrets comes in individual packs as well as packs

There’s a new surprise waiting inside every Baby Secrets single pack. Each bath tub opens to reveal a surprise Baby Secrets figure with a different personality – which one will you find? Then fill the tub with water, and watch the baby’s nappy change colour when put in – will yours be a boy or a girl? Each pack comes with a collector’s guide to record your collection.  There are 50 baby dolls to collect, there are limited edition babies to look out for.  Each baby comes with their own birth certificate to be personalised

Each pack is different, we were sent the Pram Pack.  The Baby Secrets Pram accessory pack comes with a pram and two collectable babies inside. Open up the bath tub to reveal a third surprise baby, then dip each into water to reveal if they are a boy or girl. Also includes three birth certificates and collector guide. Look out for exclusive and limited edition babies.

We were also sent a cookie mix

Mini M loved making the chocolate cookies.  He enjoyed it even more eating them!  He was so proud of his creations.

Check out Smyths Toys where you can buy the individual packs for £2.99 or the packs for £9.99.  If your little one loves dolls they will love collecting BABY Secrets


Disclaimer: I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review, all views are my own



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