Baby M’s Top 5 Toys

top 5

Baby M is exploring more & more

He’s taking in more of his environment & his toys

He has favourites already, toys he goes straight to and plays with.  Some of them aren’t his which can cause issues with his brother who doesn’t always want to share

Here’s his Top 5

5. His brother’s Kindle

Usually when Mini M is watching it. He tries to take it away & wants to chew the handle. This causes world war 3!


4. Emptying the drawers with his bibs in

We have muslins & dribble bibs in drawers in the living room so we can get to them easily. He’s teething like mad at the moment. He will stand next to the drawers, open them & pull everything out. He thinks it’s hilarious when you put them back & he empties them again


3. His brother’s dinosaurs

There’s certain dinosaurs of his brothers that he likes to play with. He will hit them off the tv unit or sofa. He’ll also crawl around with them in his hands. His brother isn’t too keen on sharing them though


2. V-tech First Steps Baby Walker

He will stand at the walker but usually at the front rather than at the handle. He will stand & grind into it sometimes. He loves pressing all the buttons & making lots of noise

v-tech walker

1. Fisher Price Beatbo

This is his favourite toy!! He loves pressing the buttons & watching the colourful lights flash. He will also dance, he’ll rock on all 4’s to the music or sit & clap.



What re your little ones favourite toys?

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