Baby M’s First word

After lots of blowing raspberries, babbling & screeching we’ve finally had our first word

What was it you ask?!

Something profound?

It was Dada

Mini M was the same, his first word was Dada

I can’t remember how old he was when he spoke his first word (I’m a terrible mum!) I just remember it was Dada

Baby M is quite funny when he’s trying to communicate with you, he loves blowing raspberries & likes to do it with food, usually yogurt, in his mouth so it goes EVERYWHERE! He finds this hilarious

He will shout.  He will make a noise then look at you, if you repeat the noise he will make another one and look at you so you make the noise again, it’s like you have a chat in his language

So we are now on our journey of speech

I wonder what his next word will be. I’m guessing it’ll be Bobo before Mama 😂

What was your little ones first word?

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