Baby M Update

Baby M is 14 months old today

He is such a cheeky little boy

Sometimes so cheeky he tries to get his brother into trouble and also play fights like he’s much older

He has such a big smile

He is walking everywhere now, he’s really confident on his feet. He loves shoes, he is always wanting to put on shoes or slippers then will bring you your shoes to either put on or for him to put on

He loves pushing toys around, his favourite at the moment are a dog and a hoover. He tears up and down the hall at a ridiculous speed!

He’s feeding himself more & more, he wants what we are having for tea. He loves his food and could eat all day if you let him I’m sure

He is trying to talk more & more, he can make animal sounds like Baaa & Raaar. He says car & tries to say tractor.

He can throw a spectacular tantrum. These seem to be happening quite a bit at the moment. If you say no to him he will hit his hand on the top or the floor depending on where he is

He loves dancing to music

He still isn’t the best sleeper, he has nights where he wakes up every hour or night where he wakes up at least once. He cries out but he isn’t wet or soiled and the temperature in his room is ok so I’m hoping it’s just a phase & maybe he is having bad dreams

He loves his brother so much. He wants to do everything he does, they have a great relationship which is lovely to see develop

Baby M is definitely independent & head strong, but he is so very loving

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