August Monthly Bucket List 2017

hello august

Hello August!

July was a very busy month with finishing work, my birthday & our little man arriving (more on that soon!)

I’m writing this post a few days before his arrival to try & be prepared

So how did I get on with my July list?

  • I am finishing work for maternity leave, I want to make sure I leave everything finished & do a proper handover for whilst I am off – DONE! I DID AS MUCH AS I COULD & I’M STILL IN CONTACT WITH MY BOSS FOR ANY EMERGENCIES
  • I have my baby shower the weekend I finish work, I’m looking forward to a lovely afternoon with my friends & my mum – DONE! WE HAD A GREAT AFTERNOON, EVERYONE SEEMED TO HAVE FUN
  • It’s my birthday!! I don’t expect a big fuss with little man’s arrival imminent but I’d like to go for a nice afternoon tea or something on my birthday & maybe for a nice meal with my best friend – DONE! I WENT FOR A LOVELY AFTERNOON TEA WITH MY FRIEND & MY BROTHER CAME DOWN TO VISIT FOR THE WEEK SO WE WENT FOR A LOVELY LUNCH
  • My nesting mode is kicking in, I’ve got some ideas for cleaning & tidying before little man comes – DONE! WE HAD A GOOD TIDY & I PAINTED THE SCUFFS ON THE WALL
  • To make the most of this time before little man comes & rest when possible – DONE, KIND OF! I DID FIND IT REALLY HARD TO START WITH TO RELAX, I’M USED TO BEING REALLY BUSY
  • Spend quality time with Mini M – DONE! WE HAD FUN AT THE SEA LIFE CENTRE & IN THE GARDEN
  • Hopefully, all being well, little man will arrive this month – DONE (I HOPE!) – MORE ON HIS BIRTH STORY COMING SOON


So what do I want to achieve in August?

  • Our biggest focus will be our littlest man – getting used to our new addition
  • I really hope I can breastfeed
  • My grandad is 90 this month & the family are having a big meal, I’m hoping we can go but it depends on little man
  • Have fun as a family of 4
  • Do some research into schools for Mini M, I can’t believe next summer he will be going to school!

Not a big list this month but I’m sure it’ll be a busy one


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