Aren’t we a little young for tantrums??

We are really lucky.  Baby M is such a happy and smiley boy.  He is also really well behaved

We can go out without worrying about how he will behave


Over the past week he has started throwing little tantrums

Mostly at daddy

Baby M is like any other baby, he loves exploring and finding new things.  He seems attracted to things we don’t want him to play with such as plug sockets and the fire place.  We tell him ‘No’ and try to distract him.  When that doesn’t work (usually he just laughs at us) we move him away from whatever he’s trying to play with and say “No, dangerous”.  He sometimes has a little squeal and the legs kick but he will start playing with his toys again.  This is normal baby behaviour I think

Mr M has always been soft with Baby M

Maybe it’s because of my job where I need to set boundaries but I think Baby M knows where he stands with me.  I’m not a dictator or anything but he knows what I will and won’t do.  For example Mr M will ‘shush’ Baby M standing up and he goes to sleep.  I can’t do this as my back is a mess from when I was pregnant, Baby M knows this and will snuggle into me then goes onto his toddle pod for his nap.  If Mr M tries to put him down on the toddle pod he wakes up and screams the house down

Mr M loves cuddles with Baby M, as do I.  My playing with Baby M is on the floor, we explore things together.  Mr M likes to tickle Baby M and has him on his knee as soon as he gets home from work.  The other night we were having pizza for tea so were naughty and ate off our knees (we always sit at the table).  Baby M was put on the floor by Mr M and he started crying and I mean CRYING.  Squealing and all.  There were no tears though.  Mr M said he wouldn’t eat his tea until I finished so Baby M was getting cuddles.  I had to tell him no and to eat his tea.  Baby M stopped his creating when he realised Daddy was eating his tea.

Mr M feels he’s being horrible if he doesn’t do what Baby M wants but I keep trying to explain to him that isn’t the case.  I am trying to explain we need to think about the future as well as the here and now.  We both need to be singing from the same hymn sheet or he will realise that if Mummy says no Daddy will say yes, that Daddy is a push over.  I am sure it is a phase but we need to be united now as other challenges will occur as he gets older


How have you managed a difference in parenting styles?  Have you had the same problem?

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