Are my long distance running days coming to an end?

This may come across as a bit of a woe is me post. My social media timelines have been full of people showing off their medals from both Manchester & Paris marathons & it’s got me thinking. Are my long distance running days coming to an end?

I really enjoy running, it’s a way to escape, to work off stress & a fantastic way to keep fit

When I was at school I hated long distance, my distances were 100m & 200m. I could do 400m at a push but I didn’t really like it

Then once I left university I started running & found I liked long distance. I ran a few local 10km runs then stepped up to half marathons

I have had injuries in the past, always in my left hip. After I had Mini M I had big problems with my sacroiliac joint and had physiotherapy. I had problems with my sacroiliac joint with Baby M but it wasn’t as bad or painful as with Mini M

My current injury has totally knocked me & probably knocked my confidence. I think the thing that’s really got to me is that I got this injury doing a 5km run!

Part of me feels like a complete idiot

My left hip is agony, the pain also travels down my leg. It feels like someone’s put a hot poker in the bottom of my back

I enjoy running but I’m wondering whether I need to focus on short runs. Nothing more than 10km. I’d rather run short distance than never run again

I’m not giving up. I’m not making any decisions at the moment. I’m going to let me body recover & then see how I feel. I’m going to do some light exercises once it feels better then see what happens

running can change your life

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