Anxiety and Friendships that help you through

This is a hard post for me to write

It’s hard for a number of reasons – I find it hard to admit when I’m struggling and I still haven’t told many people how I feel

I’m not ready to fully talk about how I am feeling here yet but what I will tell you is I have been struggling with anxiety.  Some days it is crippling and I can just about do what I need to to get through the day.  Other days it’s better

It hasn’t helped that Baby M has been ill lately, a lot!! My anxiety is mainly around the worry of something bad happening to him

My family have been amazing support

I have kind of hidden away from my friends though

Luckily for me I have some friends that are determined people and have been there for me

I know some people wouldn’t like others being determined but it’s been exactly what I’ve needed

I’ve met friends for coffee, it’s been great to just catch up.  It’s also reminded me that other people have problems too and they need my friendships as much as I need them.

I went to Manchester with a friend last Friday and I had a lovely time, we did some shopping, yapping and ended with some nibbles and fizz.  I’d been so reluctant to go but it really helped

fizz nibbles

Another friend who lives near Glasgow has been texting regularly, distance shouldn’t get in the way of good friendships

My friends have made me realise who my real friends are.  They have also told me on many occasion that how I feel is normal and not to beat myself up about it.

I am so lucky to have these people in my life and to be able to call them friends


How have your friends helped you through a difficult time in your life?

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  1. mummymelton says:

    I’ve been debating whether to write the post or not, it’s hard when you’re going through it. Sorry to hear you suffer from anxiety too, it’s really hard, I hope you’re ok. xx

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