Another Abscess, Another trip to Alder Hey

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front.

Unfortunately Baby M has had another abscess. After 4 months & us thinking he was over them another one appeared

We’ve had a course of antibiotics, followed by the abscess bursting

We went to see the team at Alder Hey who advised we wait and see if it stayed clear as they didn’t want to put Baby M through surgery if he didn’t need it due to the risks associated with general anaesthetic.

However 2 days later the abscess was back, again!!

So we’re now on another course of antibiotics & waiting to hear back what the next steps will be. As Baby M obviously has a fistula he will need another operation, it’s just about when

Both Mr M & I feel exhausted

We’ve been questioning everything, was it something we did, or didn’t do, that triggered this latest abscess?!

The team at Alder Hey say no but it is still tough watching him go through all this again when we thought it was over

Now we wait, something I’m not very good at, to see what happens next

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