After school activities

I did lots of different things when I was at school.

I want the boys to try new things but I don’t want to be a pushy parent

We asked Mini M what after school activities he would like to do

He immediately said swimming

We did swimming when he was a baby but haven’t taken it any further. He absolutely loves the water, he would live in the bath if he could!

He started 3 weeks ago at our local YMCA and loves it! He is making little improvements every week but he does need to listen to the teacher more. He goes on a Thursday evening

He has his Duckling 1 certificate already

We asked him if he would like to play football, he said no. We asked if he would like to try karate, he said no

He loved drama at nursery so I looked for a local drama class

I found Pauline Quirke Academy, Mini M went to their open day and loved it

He has been going for 2 weeks and is in the Poppets class which last 1hr 30mins on a Saturday morning which is fine as it means one of us takes him to drama & the other takes Baby M to swimming

They do a mixture of drama, singing, mime, movement and teamwork. When he is 6 he can move into the proper academy where they are there for 3 hours but it is split into musical theatre, comedy & drama and tv & film

Hopefully he will continue to enjoy both

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