A family of four

I can’t believe we are now a family of 4

It still hasn’t sunk in

I love my boys so much

my boys

My Boys

I feel that we are now complete

Even though Baby M isn’t quite 3 weeks old we’ve had the odd comment of “when you have the next one….” or “will you try for a girl?”

Honestly I thought I wanted a girl.  I’m quite a girly girl myself

But when we found out both times we were having a boy I wasn’t disappointed.

Now both are boys are here I am so very happy

It doesn’t matter to me the sex of our children, what matters is they are happy & healthy.  That they have our love & every opportunity throughout their life that we can give them

We have already talked about it & we don’t want anymore children.  It’s not because it’s still raw & we’re tired, etc.  It’s because we are happy being a family of 4

Our house is perfect for a family of 4.  As a family of 4 we can enjoy trips & holidays without worrying it will break the bank.  As a family of 4 we can live comfortably & do things at the weekend

Being a family isn’t just about this time when they are little but also about as they get older & I don’t want to have to tell them we can’t afford to do something or for them not to have an opportunity to try something

I know to some people that isn’t important but to us it’s about the experience & looking to the future as well as enjoying the present

So this is us, The Melton’s, a happy family of 4

the melton's

The Melton’s

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