6 month update

I can’t believe Baby M is 6 months old

With Mini M I did monthly updates on my blog, I haven’t this time, I’m not sure why

In many ways it feels like the time has flow

He’s such a determined little man

He also idolises his big brother & wants to be into whatever he’s doing

He is such a cheeky boy, he has a cheeky glint in his eye. He’s such a happy boy & is always smiling.

Baby M has been able to crawl now for about a month, he started with a kind of worm motion which went into a commando crawl. Now he’s proper crawling

He can also sit up by himself. He’ll crawl about then stop & sit to play. I’ve noticed over the last week he’s been playing more sitting up

He’s pulling himself up on furniture & us to stand. He has total jelly legs though

He adores his brother & loves playing with him. They kind of do a play fight (mainly Baby M crawling over Mini M trying to eat him & pull his hair) I can see trouble ahead!

He loves his Jumperoo but his favourite toys are the Fisher Price Puppy (which was his brother’s) and his Beat-Bo. He dances when the music plays by rocking on all fours

He’s loving food, he pulls a funny face at times but generally eats everything. He’s a little chunk

He still isn’t sleeping through though. He had one night where he slept for 7 hours but that’s it.

We don’t have any teeth yet although everything is going in his mouth & he drools for Britain! We go through 3-4 dribble bibs a day!

I’m so proud of both our boys & love watching them grow.

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