11 month update

Our little man is 11 months old

Next month he’ll be 1

I can’t believe how fast that time has gone!

This time last year I was still working & we were waiting to see what the consultant was going to say about our section date

11 months on I have a completely different job which is so much better for us as a family & we have our incredible little man

He’s now walking, he’s still wobbly but he’s walking both on his own & holding one hand. He’ll try himself & manages so far then he falls over so he’ll hold his hand up for you to help him

He loves his brother, he wants to be doing everything his brother does. He also climbs over him & instigated most of the play fights

He’s fascinated by food, when ever you eat he’s watching you & wants to try what you’re eating. We try to give him what he’s able to have. I think he’s going to be having more & more what we eat, he’s on jars & pouches at the moment. He loves his puddings

He loves shape games, he can’t get the right shape in the hole yet but he knows that’s what he’s supposed to do & whacks the pieces off the holes

He’s now got 5 teeth, he’s a little biter, which is painful. We tell him no when he bites

He loves his daddy, he cries whenever he leaves the room

We’ve got all his presents ready for his birthday, we’ve got a few toys but we’ve also got some things which are more to mark the big day

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