What’s in a name?

We’ve been talking a lot about names for bump

what's in a name

I think it’s really important to give the name you give your child a lot of thought

There are a lot of names out there that I cringe at when I hear them & think, poor child

Some people might say the same for the name we gave Mini M but it is a very popular name in Ireland.  When we went there on holiday there were things everywhere with his name on, it’s just unusual here

I’ve been looking at lots of lists for inspiration for bump

2016 names

Popular names for last year

I look at a lot of lists & am instantly put off.  I don’t want my child to be sitting in class with 5 other children with the same name

Another issue I have is I have nursed mainly men so, like with Mini M, really struggle with names as if I’ve had a patient with that name I don’t want to use it

As I’ve already mentioned Mini M’s name is unusual, I don’t then want to call bump something like Bob which is pretty normal (nothing wrong with Bob just using it as an example – incase there’s any Bob lovers out there!)

By this point with Mini M we had decided on his first name but not his middle name.

This time we think we have a middle name but no first name!

People keep asking us what name we have picked but I’m not even giving ideas out.  People will pull a face or (like happened to a friend of mine) be downright rude about names.  I haven’t even discussed names with my mum, although I know she’s itching to talk about it.  And I talk to my mum about EVERYTHING

The pondering continues…….


How did you name your little one?  Have you ever regretted your choice of name?

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