Re-starting my Thinking Slimmer Journey


I have listened to Thinking Slimmer slimpods in the past & found them really effective

I have noticed my clothes have been getting tighter & when I was weighed I’ve put on 5kg

I had a great conversation with Sandra Roycroft-Davis, the brains behind Thinking Slimmer

We talked about what’s been going on in my life lately & if I could put my finger on what has caused my weight gain

We talked about the stress of moving & with work and I identified that I have been eating a lot more sugar than normal.  I’ve been craving sweets, fizzy pop & been putting 2-3 sugars in my coffee

I also haven’t been eating well with my shifts.  I have lunch then don’t eat until I get home then I binge on crisps, toast & sweets


So I’ve started listening to slimpod & sugarpod.  Each pod is 9 minutes long, so 18 minutes a day.

I listen to my pods just before I go to bed, other people find they prefer to listen to them in the morning

It’s whatever works for you

I’ve weighed myself (68.5kg) and taken a photo (which I hate!!)

I feel the weight in all around my belly & bum

I will listen to the pods every day & assess my progress in 6 weeks time

I am also going to try to run once a week & swim once a week but the most important thing is to look at what I’m putting in my body

starting photo

I hate photos of myself below my shoulders as I feel conscious of my belly & bum. Here’s my starting photo

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  1. Angela says:

    This sounds really interesting and your looking great Rachel. I’m going to keep reading about your journey as I enjoy watching people progress with weight loss. 🙂

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