Our Ireland holiday – searching for the Dingle Dolphin

We decided to go to Dingle in the first few days of our holiday

I have swam with Dolphins in Mexico but you can’t beat seeing them in the wild

We booked ourselves on a boat trip in the hope to see Fungi the Dolphin

Papa doesn’t like boats, to be honest neither do I, so he stayed on dry land with Maddie the dog

ready on the boat to find the dolphins

Us with Granny on the boat

on the boat

Uncle Liam, Granny, Daddy and Mini M ready to find Dolphins

We were on the boat with 12 other people

The view back into Dingle was lovely as we went into the bay

view back t dingle from the boat

Looking back onto Dingle

I have to say I wasn’t expecting to see a dolphin

We were really lucky to see a pod of dolphins!!

our first sight of the dolphins

Our first sight of the Dolphins

the dolphins swam alongside out boat

The Dolphins swam alongside our boat

We hadn’t been out in the bay for 10 minutes wen we saw them

We were out for over an hour and whilst there were moments when it felt like they were playing hide & seek with us we got some really good sights of them

There was a big pod, there much have been 7-10 Dolphins

They were jumping quite a bit out of the water

Mini M was fascinated, he kept saying “oooh” and ” wow”

Not only did we get to see the Dolphins but we also surrounded by the lovely coastline of Dingle Bay – it was stunning

the beautiful Dingle Bay coastline

Beautiful Coastline

rock formations on the coastline

Amazing rock formations

Once we were on dry land the boys sat on the statue of Fungi

sitting on a dolphin statue

sitting on Fungi

We had a lovely time

If you’re in the Dingle area I’d definitely recommend searching for Dolphins


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