Our Birth Story

As you will know if you read my blog I was set on having a section with Baby M

After all the fighting we had gone through I felt really happy with our plan

I still had a feeling he might come early but I thought he might just hold on

On my birthday we went up to the hospital for our first steroid injection to help prepare his lungs for arriving before 39 weeks

We then had a lovely day, we went for lunch then sat in the garden

The following day again we went up to the hospital to have the next steroid injection

My brother & I then walked to the nearest supermarket to stock up on a few supplies then we watched Fantastic Beast as the weather wasn’t that great

About 1230 I started getting bad pains, they weren’t that frequent though, I just thought it was my body preparing for Baby M coming & took some paracetamol

As the afternoon went on the pains were worse, I sat on my exercise ball & that seemed to help a bit

We had tea & the pains were getting more intense.  To be honest I didn’t think I was in labour as they didn’t feel like contractions

I decided to have a bath, whilst in the bath the pains were getting worse.  I called Mr M & asked him whether he thought I should call the hospital.  He didn’t think I should but then the pains were getting more frequent so I gave them a call

They said to make my way up & they would monitor me.  Even in the car on the way I was having bad pains but still didn’t think I was in labour

We arrived at the hospital at 2100hrs.  They hooked me onto the machine & told me I was having contractions.  The pains were getting a lot worse & they gave me some gas & air

The pains were crazy at 2200hrs & the consultant came to see me & they checked my cervix, I was 6cm dilated!

I wanted to push

The next 24 minutes are a blur to me.  I was told within a very short time that I was full dilated & that whilst I could have a section it would be dangerous & the best thing was to get the baby delivered.

They broke my waters & within 5 pushes his head was nearly through.  3 more pushes & he was born.

He was born at 2224 – 1hr & 24minutes after we arrived

baby boy

I don’t think I handled the pain very well.  It was awful & I was grabbing Mr M & the midwife.  Mr M has scratches on his arm.  I was shouting at everyone too.  I felt embarrassed after & did apologise to my midwife

boy & daddy

Baby M wouldn’t latch on, they did tell me they would help me but that help didn’t appear.  They took Baby M to do some bloods as he had pooed during labour & his blood sugars came back 1.1mmol so he needed fed.  Luckily I had brought some premade bottles so he had one of them.  They then needed to take his bloods again in 3 hours then in another 3 hours

I do feel let down by the midwives as I kept asking for help with breastfeeding but it just didn’t arrive.  I also got annoyed when I asked for painkillers & was told it was handover – I’m a nurse so that doesn’t wash with me (and I was quite firm with them when they gave me that excuse)

I had some tears which needed sewing & we stayed in the delivery suite until 0430hrs.  Mr M napped in the corner whilst I was sewn up then we were left together for about an hour

We then we went up to the ward.  I got a side room which was great.  I tried to sleep but I was hard as I’m super sensitive to noise & the smallest thing wakes me up

They took Baby M’s bloods just before we went to the ward then again at 0600hrs, they were both fine.

I had quite a lot of blood loss so they needed to monitor that

We finally left the ward & arrived home at 1600hrs.

happy to be home

The birth wasn’t what I expected and it was really painful.  In a positive way it was quick & we were home the next day.  Recovery wise I know this is a better birth as with a section it would take a lot longer for me to do things

The  most important thing is our little man is here & he’s healthy

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  1. Farmerswifeandmummy says:

    Oh wow that’s really dramatic. What a stand your experience wasn’t what you deserved.
    I’m so pleased you didn’t have to have a section though and I think you did quite well with the pain if you got to 6cm without being sure you were in labour.
    Very well done and huge congratulations xxxx

  2. Becky at PinksCharming says:

    Oh gosh, it doesn’t sound like you had the best care after the birth, I hope you can get the latch right if that’s the right thing for you. I never managed it unfortunately! He’s an absolute darling, congratulations and I’m so glad he’s here safely xx

  3. Laura's Lovely Blog says:

    Wow I can’t believe you didn’t realise you weren’t in labour, baby did do not want to hang around did he Sorry you didn’t the best care after, and glad you are all home now and doing well x

  4. Angela Milnes says:

    That is so cool! I am glad all went well in baby was born okay in the end. I was told I would have a C-section after 3 days and then suddenly I was ready to push and it was too late ha ha! I’m kind of glad now.

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