Newborn essentials – are essentials “essential” or “handy”

Baby balloons

You’re expecting your little bundle of joy

What do you actually need?? What is essential??

Theres so much information out there it can be baffling

With Mini M we went a little mad & bought everything!  Half of the stuff we either didn’t use or hardly used

Things you definitely need

Cot (plus mattress, sheets and blankets) – your baby needs a cot! You might not need this straight away if you’re planning on using a Moses basket/crib first
Car seat – You won’t  be able to take baby home from hospital without one
Pram/buggy/travel system – otherwise your eyes going to be housebound.  For your sanity you need a way of getting out.  Plus with Mini M we used the pram in the house to help settle him
Sleepsuits/ long sleeved suits –  newborn babies sleep, eat & poo.  All you need is sleepsuits.  We got lots of outfits for Mini M & hardly used them
Vests/ short sleeved suits – babies need layers. Top tip, the flaps at the shoulders are so you can take the vest down thebody in case of a pooslosion
Cardigans/ jackets – I’d say two of each. Again layers for going out
Shawl or snow suit – winter babies obviously
Changing mat – for changing
Nappies and nappy sacks – goes without saying! We are going disposable I think again this time however you can go reuseable
Nursing bra and breast pads – I’ve still got my bras from last time, just need to get some pads
Bottles/teats/bottle brush (only needed if not breastfeeding)
Loads of bibs – although muslin squares will donuts as good
Plenty of towels/ flannels/ muslin squares (for bathing and dribbles!)
Loads of cotton wool pads – great for cleaning bums & bathing

Things that are handy

Moses basket/ crib (plus mattress, sheets and blankets) – I hated our Moses basket
Baby bath – are great, you can get ones you put on the floor and also ones in a stand
Nursing Chair – great for those night feeds
Sling – we had one with Mini M but hardly used it
Bouncy chair – very handy to out baby in & you know they are safe
Baby monitor – essential when they are in their own room, we have one with a sensor mat
Changing bag – I love my Pink Lining changing bag, it did get full of everything though!
Breast pump – I didn’t have one last time as I didn’t breast feed, will see if I think I need one this time
Steam steriliser – great for sterilising bottles
Antiseptic cream – in case of red bottoms
Baby wipes – I actually think these are essential
Bath thermometer – we had 2 & both were crap! We used our elbow
Nail scissors – again we had for Mini M but didn’t really use them
Nappy Bin – I love our Angelcare nappy bin but it’s not an essential item


We’ve been going through our baby things.  We can’t find our baby bath, I have no idea what we’ve done with it! Luckily my lovely best friend has one she says going to lend us.  She’s also letting us have a nursing chair, we had one with Mini M and it was great for the night feeds

We also got rid of our Moses basket, frankly I hated it! Someone we knew bought it for us but it was super frilly.  Mini M also hated it & would cry all the time so I was happy to get rid of it.  I would LOVE a bedside crib sleeper.  I love the idea of them & especially since I had a c section last time I think it would be great.  They are however a tad pricey.

We are going to start buying wipes & nappies in a few months so we’ve got a stock in.  I’m planning on breastfeeding however I’m going to get some bottles & formula in, just in case bump is like their brother & breastfeeding isn’t meant to be

What are your newborn essentials?

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