My weight loss journey

I’m taking part in DW Fitness Festive Fitness Challenge

This had got me thinking about my previous weight loss journeys

I have never been very good at diets.

I suppose I am a little lazy, I can’t be bothered counting calories/points/syns

calorie counting

I also can’t be bothered cooking separate meals for me, with working 12 hour shifts time is not always on my side

When I want to lose weight I usually try and completely cut out things like  white bread, sweets, crisps.  But I don’t think properly about what good things I can replace them with

I’m pleased with my audit from DW Fitness as whilst they have pointed out what bad things I eat there have also been suggestions of what I can replace them with

The only thing I have found help my weight loss is Thinking Slimmer, when I listened to the Slimpods I definitely noticed a difference.  I felt less hungry and didn’t crave bad foods.  I really need to get back into listening to them again.  It’s amazing that listening to something for 8 minutes can make such a big difference

squeeze those scales

I’m looking forward to the challenge with DW Fitness as it is not only about eating healthy but exercise too


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