My battle with sleep

can't sleep

I’ve always been bad at sleeping

Ask my parents & they will tell you I loved my bed as a teenager (which I did!) but that was more about not wanting to get up rather than sleeping all day

I’m a worrier, it takes me quite a while to switch off.  My waking isn’t always about a worry though

I also wake up A LOT in the night

I’m also a really light sleeper, any noise & I’m awake.  I think this has got worse since I had Mini M.

It doesn’t help that Mr M makes funny noises in his sleep.  He’s a squeaker – he holds his breath & makes a weird squeaky noise.  It’s super annoying!!


I have tried things to help with my sleep

I listen to my Slimpod when I go to bed & that helps calm my mind

I used to play games on my phone to help me switch off but the light isn’t good so I have got back into reading.  The only problem with that is if it’s a really good book I can’t put it down.  Sometimes I will fall asleep reading & Mr M has to turn the light off & take my book off me

When I do wake up in the night I don’t check the time.  This took a while to train myself to do but checking the time just made me worse – the whole “I’ve got 3hrs before my alarm goes off” routine

I also try to talk to myself.  If there’s something on my mind then I will say to myself “what can you do about it now? Sort it in the morning”

With Mr M I prod him (sometimes firmly!) and tell him he’s squeaking.  I do have earplugs which I can put in but believe it or not there are times I can still hear him!

I think I am, sadly, always going to have a battle with sleep.  I just want to feel less exhausted!


Do you have issues with sleep?  Do you have any tips on how to get a good night sleep?

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  1. Laura's Lovely Blog says:

    My husband struggles with his sleep. He’s a very light sleeper too and often hears the children before me. I only struggle when I have a lot on my mind. I had insommnia when I was pregnant and found audiobooks helped x

  2. Angela says:

    We are similar. I can’t sleep at night when I have too much in my head or I cant sleep so I think. I find if I go into Sylvia’s room it’s easy to hop in her bed and sleep than laying next to John who snores lol!

  3. Clare says:

    How awful! I love the fact I am a good sleeper. I’m not sure I could cope without sleep! Wine is always a good way of getting to sleep 😉 xx

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