Making a fuss

Last week we had our consultant appointment to talk about plans & get section date

We didn’t see the consultant but her registrar

I had seen him when I was in hospital with pains & I hadn’t really liked him then but he came into the room with a nice manner so I thought I’d give him the benefit of the doubt

How wrong of me!

He didn’t listen to my concerns

He didn’t listen to what I wanted

He didn’t take on board what I was telling him about Mini M’s birth

I felt like I was banging my head off the wall

He made me feel like having a section was not the right choice, even though there are reasons for me not to have a natural birth.  He actually sighed & said “I’ll have to complete a pile of paperwork” then came back into the room with 2 forms!!!

He didn’t even check me or bump properly

I came out of the appointment upset, angry & deflated

I went back to work & was in a foul mood, I think most of the staff realised as they gave me a wide berth

When I got home I was still really upset & angry

I told a few of my friends, my mum & my boss, they all said the same thing – what we went through wasn’t right

I wrote a complaint that night

The next morning I phoned the consultant’s secretary & told her my concerns & that I was unhappy & that (as was my right) I wanted to see my consultant

Within the hour I got a call back, my consultant wasn’t in clinic but would see me Monday morning.  I felt relieved

The meeting with the consultant went really well, she listened to what we had to say & apologised for how we had been treated

She also agreed that the section could be moved forward for medical reasons

We’ve now got our date, my brother is going to come down to help us look after Mini M & a close group of friends have also offered their help.  We’re really lucky to have them!

I’m pleased with the outcome but think it’s unfortunate I had to complain & make a fuss to get this outcome.  The consultant did say she was going to discuss my concerns in supervision with her registrar & felt reflective practice was required but I just hope others don’t have to go through the same thing

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  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Oh no! That is such a shame you had to go through all that stress….Good for you for complaining. I am glad you have got the result you wanted. Good luck x

  2. Alana - Burnished Chaos says:

    How awful. I went through a similar thing and didn’t even get to see my consultant but got a midwife instead who made me feel like rubbish. I insisted and she went to speak to the consultant but said she was sure she’d say no. Thankfully the consultant said it was fine and the midwife had a face like a smacked a**e when she came back in the room. Medical professionals need to take our instincts into consideration, if I hadn’t listened to mine and insisted, things would have turned out very differently. So glad you complained and got the outcome you were after x

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