Garden update

It’s nearly a year since we moved into our house, our very own house

Our family home!

With Bump’s imminent arrival we have some work we would like to do to his room however first we wanted to sort out the garden

Our garden is a fantastic size & I have quite a few things I want to do with it

The biggest issue we were having was the fact that the bottom of the garden never seems to get any sunshine, there’s a strip that just didn’t see the sun no matter the time of day

Drainage isn’t great at the bottom of the garden, add that to the fact it didn’t get the sun & it was just constantly boggy

The grass was always wet

We decided that the best plan would be to dig out a border, add some stones & pots.

This would mean that we wouldn’t have to mow the soggy grass but also it would stop the fence from rotting

border dug out

The border dug out

So one weekend, with my supervision, Mr M dug the border.  We then put down a weed sheet & bags of blue slate

half of garden finished

Weed sheet down & slate going on

We got some nice pots & put them in place

I love colour & added some colour plastic bunting & fairy lights

finished garden

All done

I think it looks great & much better than it did before

Now we just need to look into getting plants for the pots

I would like to get a blackboard of some kind for the boys to draw on & I would love some Rattan furniture but that can wait for the moment


Do you like gardening?  What would you like to achieve with your garden?

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