Fitness Friday – Moving Forward

Keep moving forward

As you will notice I haven’t been blogging much lately

Life has been hectic

I also haven’t been running for quite a while

I’m not a big fan of weighing myself but at a recent check up I had to be and I’ve put on 5kg since December

I’ve been feeling it in my belly but I didn’t realise I had put on so much

I’ve come up with a plan

Every Thursday I’m going to go swimming with my friend, she’s keen to lose a few pounds too.  We’re going in the evening and it’s lane swimming so we won’t be able to chat which is good

Every Sunday I’m going to go for a run.  I’ll have to start with short distances again as it’s been a while but that’s fine, something is better than nothing

I’m also going to get back into my Thinking Slimmer pods, I did really well with them & it’s 8 minutes so I can definitely squeeze that into my day

I need to watch what I eat.  I work mainly 12hr shifts and I don’t eat well as I’m usually running around like a headless chicken, I have a lunch but not always a tea so when I get home I’m into the crisps, toast & biscuits – bad!!!

My plan not only allows me to lose weight but also gives me some time to switch off & just focus on me for a short spell

I will keep you uptodate with my progress

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From Pinterest

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