Fitness Friday – keeping records

I had planned to go for a run last Saturday.  That didn’t happen.  Mainly because I was having mummy guilt about working what felt like every day & I missed my little man

I planned to go for a run on Wednesday.  Mother nature struck & along with that my sacroiliac pain.  I have been in agony I haven’t been able to sleep due to the pain.  I’ve probably taken more painkillers than is advised but it’s been that bad.  However that should be over by the weekend

I plan to go for a run Monday & Tuesday next week.  I WILL BE GOING!!

I’ve decided that for the next week I am going to keep an exercise and food diary

The lovely people at DW Fitness have agreed to look at my diary & give me both nutritional & exercise advice on how I can improve


I think that I need to maybe write things down more.  Not just as they happen but in a planning capacity as well

If I write things down I am less likely to forget and more likely to do something

i need to write things down more

I have been listening to my SlimPod

I listen every night

I have noticed that I am wanting to drink more water still.  I am also noticing that I am less hungry.  When I am at work especially, I don’t think about food at all, some days I don’t have my lunch until after 3pm.  Some people might not think this is a good thing but it means when I finish my shift at 8pm and get home I don’t stuff my face with food.  I have a little bit of something for me tea.

I still haven’t measured or weighed myself, I did have to fit the urge the other day to jump on the scales.  Next week I will have been listening for a month so I might check my weight then.

How has your fitness and weight loss week been?

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  1. Michaela Dalton says:

    Aww, sometimes it’s hard to fit everything in. If I’m really busy, it’s my run that gets sacrificed! Did you manage to get out today?

    Michaela #BloggingToJogging 🙂

  2. Sim @ Sims Life says:

    Writing everything down and planning in advance is a great idea and something I should really do – have always said that about meal planning and then totally forget. Having it written down in front of me would make me more determined to carry it out.
    Slimpod really does seem to be working for people – read so many positive reviews recently!

    Hope you are feeling better now and not in any pain – along with hoping you managed to get out for a run! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday xx

  3. Hannah Budding Smiles says:

    Having a diary sounds like a great idea, I think seeing it all in writing really helps. I hope your pain has eased, sounds awful 🙁 Thanks for linking with #BloggingToJogging xx

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