Fitness Friday – getting back after a holiday

I won’t lie the only exercising I did on holiday was walking

I did zero running & I didn’t take my gym stuff so couldn’t take advantage of the gym equipment

I also ate my weight in cream teas & pasties!

We did have a lot of salad but I still feel my diet was awful

So now we are back I’m planning on getting back running.  I’ve got a run at the end of the month so I need to do some training for that anyway

I’ve been out for a few short runs and they’ve felt good.

I’ve also been thinking about joining the gym again

When we move there will be a gym right next door.  There can be no excuses as it’s right there

I need something to give me a kick up the bum as I feel my motivation has been pretty poor lately

For now it’s running & getting back to eating a more healthy diet


Do you struggle when you are on holiday?  How do you get back into a good routine?

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